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The Integrated Supply Chain Management Toolbox



At Damco, we know how the growing complexity of global supply chains can make it difficult for you to get a clear overview of your logistics management. That’s why we have developed an effective and time-saving answer to the problem. Because we have created an integrated, online toolbox, with all the elements you need to help you maximise the efficiency and reduce the time and money spent on supply chain management. Across all time zones, and around the clock.
Safely secured 
In a nutshell, myDamco is an integrated application suite comprising Shipper, Reporting, and Document Management modules in the standard package, with optional Communication & Exceptions and Track & Trace modules. With myDamco, you have constant access to the data you need to be able to place bookings, generate documentation, and extract reports. You can manage your entire supply chain easily and conveniently through a central dashboard, whenever you want, wherever you are. And you can authorise specific vendors and 3rd party service providers to access only the elements they need along the way, assured of complete security and privacy through our use of PIN Safe technology.

Proof positive
We could say more about Damco’s integrated supply chain management toolbox. For instance, about the assured security of our customers’ data, with allocated IDs and passwords for your authorised staff and business partners. Or about the power that an integrated suite of sophisticated, but user-friendly tools puts in your hands. Or even about the flexibility that allows you to define your own, customer-specific criteria for reports, etc. And the way electronic document handling is more environmentally friendly – and clear – than bulky, manually generated paperwork.

Contact us for more information about our one-stop logistics portal. You’ll soon see the difference it makes to your supply chain management. Or to view a short, live presentation of the myDamco features and benefits, please click on the video to the left.

Logging into myDamco
Click here to view a tutorial on how to login to myDamco, reset password or reset pin code.