Global Management
Klaus Rud Sejling
Klaus Rud Sejling Chief Executive Officer
Kasper Mahon Andreasen
Kasper Mahon Andreasen Chief Financial Officer
Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan Chief Commercial Officer
Saskia Groen-int-Woud
Saskia Groen -int-Woud Chief Operations Officer
Henning Goldmann
Henning Goldmann Chief Supply Chain Officer
Peter Baker
Peter Baker Chief Human Resources Officer
John Klompers
John Klompers Global Head of Ocean & Air
Anita De Werd
Anita De Werd Global Head of Marketing and Business Development
Regional Management
Mikkel Rasmussen
Mikkel Rasmussen Europe CEO
Martin Holme
Martin Holme Asia CEO
Charles van der Steene
Charles van der Steene IMEA CEO (India, Middle East & Africa)
Narin Phol
Narin Phol Americas CEO