Damco launches consumer goods offering to global customers 30 November 2017

This week marks another major step forward for Damco with the launch of its new supply chain management service offering to consumer goods companies. Also referred to as consumer-packaged goods or fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the range of services offered by Damco aims to improve synchronicity in the supply chain, while also addressing the cost pressures and complexities typically associated with demands in the market.


In store, on time, every time 

The primary goal for many consumer goods companies is to put in place strong supply chains to ensure products are available in the store, on time and increasingly, online. A 2004 study conducted by Harvard Business Review Stockouts and Walkouts* found that major brands face potential sales losses of up to 35% if their products are not available. Tony Hotine, Damco’s Global Vertical Head of Consumer Goods, commented, “Supply chains, by definition, are critical for ensuring products are available to consumers. This is essential for continued brand loyalty, which itself is even more at risk in today’s omnichannel retail landscape.”

For this reason, Damco has taken a multi-level, customer-centric approach to engaging with the market via an international sales team that is operating on a glocal level. Tony continues, “We believe that our global presence and local focus, especially in the more challenging emerging markets, will enable us to respond more directly to changing trends in the market that directly affect current and potential customer’s expansion strategies. This means we are not only on hand to help the customer in defining the way forward, but also in developing and delivering the solutions that will help these customers to stay ahead in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.” 
Experts and expertise to reduce supply chain complexities

At Damco, we recognise that consumer goods companies are building global brands in their portfolios which in turn brings complexity to their supply chains. If unchecked, these additional complexities can lead to higher distribution costs and reduced supply chain performance which can significantly impact profitability and/or market penetration.

At Damco, we can construct the kind of supply chains that take into account the needs of the customer, dynamics of the market as well as the supply chain characteristics. The result, as Tony points out, is, “Synchronized performance across the globe that will ultimately help consumer goods organisations to meet their supply performance and cost objectives.”
Addressing current and future needs

There are many ways in which Damco is well-positioned to support and generate opportunities for businesses operating in the consumer goods space. In addition to traditional domestic and international logistics services that ensure the physical movement of goods from source to end customer, Damco also has the scope to introduce global visibility and management solutions that leverage state-of-the-art digital solutions and technology. Added to this, our capabilities and longstanding expertise in developing compliant, competitive local supply chain solutions mean that we can support businesses wherever they are by leveraging the Maersk transport and logistics group.

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Further information please contact:
Anita De Werd
Global Head of Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
*Stockouts cause walkouts, Harvard Business Review, May 2014