Damco releases latest white paper exploring the impact of Brexit on the supply chain industry 18 June 2018

Damco this morning, released its latest white paper on Brexit. Entitled “Preparing Supply Chains for the Post-Brexit Future”, the paper explores the timescale, scope and key themes of Brexit negotiations.
As the March 2019 deadline approaches for Britain to leave the EU, many companies are already negotiating supply or logistics contracts that extend into a time when the UK is no longer an EU member.  
Demonstrating its leadership in supply chain solutions, Damco is actively quantifying the challenges to help supply chain professionals plan for the future.  The white paper released today sets out the current status of Brexit and outlines what companies should be considering as Brexit approaches.  
The paper further outlines how, despite the many unknowns, businesses can still prepare for Brexit through scenario planning, developing contingency plans and analyzing potential impact. It suggests that businesses which begin the preparation process early enough could reap benefits particularly in view of the restricted availability of resources in some key markets.  
Damco is also partnering with leading Universities to conduct research into potential solutions post-Brexit.
The white paper, “Preparing Supply Chains for the Post-Brexit Future” is available for download.

For further information please contact:

Anita De Werd
Global Head of Marketing & Business Development