Supporting customers’ strategies through strategic workshops 11 January 2018

It is important that organizations assess their supply chain regularly to avoid missing opportunities and having too much cost within their supply chain. To support this Damco provide effective strategic workshops that enables companies to identify key issues needing attention.


Robust supply chain strategies are crucial for the routine of most businesses and a good supply chain strategy should be constantly updated. Rarely, though, is there time to sit down fully identify and assess the threats and opportunities facing the supply chain.

“The good thing about these workshops is that we are providing that time through our methodology of benchmarking and sharing best practices.   This approach provides the main stakeholders from within the company and our SCM and IT expert a setting in which a company can really be effective” says Nitesh Mandal, Supply Chain Development Consultant at Damco. The Damco workshops are cross functional and open to members of Senior Executive teams, General Management, Supply Chain Directors and other key stakeholders within the supply chain. 
The workshops use a proven technique that is tried and tested by Damco consultants across multiple industry verticals. Customers take home a road map detailing how and where their supply chain strategy can be adapted to help their organizations to reach their objectives. 
The workshop is supplemented with a unique follow-up process.  This means our team remain on hand after the workshop to implement and monitor the projects identified and to fine-tune the roadmaps. This way, the team ensures a company has “complete success”. 


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The attached workshop overview outlines everything you need to know about the workshop including: our approach, the objectives and the experts you will have access to.

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