Operating in an ever-changing world means that threats and disruptions will strike. That is why at Damco we believe that the key is in preparation.

For us, there should be no shortcuts in preparation. Being prepared means that we are able to keep your product moving despite disruptions that may strike.

That is why we have invested in a robust and externally recognised Business Resilience program, which means that business always continues as usual and that your product keeps moving.

How we are prepared

We identify, assess, categorise and record every risk to the continuation of business as usual. Each is addressed appropriately, and its adverse actual/potential impact and implications managed, mitigated or reduced.

We also report and record every incident that has an adverse operational impact on our business so that everyone who needs to know is informed immediately, any necessary direction given at once and all essential support provided without delay.

We will develop, produce and implement the processes, procedures, and plans required to deliver and maintain the effective Business Resilience Capability needed by the business and review/update it regularly.

Achieving this demands awareness, understanding, ownership, commitment, resources, training and time.

Meet Zera, Head of Business Resilience at Damco

Hello I am Zera Zheng. I have worked in logistics for the last 12 years specialising in ensuring that customers’ expectations are met safely and securely. I joined Damco in January 2019.

I am familiar with the many means of moving freight by land sea and air and with most, if not all, aspects of national/international depot, hub and warehouse operations.

Since January I have along with my colleagues been working on building a robust and effective Business Resilience Capability within our organisation.

Today Damco is externally recognised as having a robust Business Resilience programme and we have the capabilities to ensure that we can continue business as usual in every circumstance, and protect our customers and our people.

I am experienced in assessing and addressing risks, dealing with incidents, resolving issues and delivering practical solutions to complex problems. I was also recently awarded my membership with the Business Continuity Institute.

I would be really happy to talk to you about our Business Resilience programme and what it means for your business. You can contact me below.

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