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Our Air Freight Services

The first official freight flight took place on November 7th, 1910. The journey took 57 minutes. So for over 100 years Air Freight has been the fastest way to ship products and will continue to be. 

Air Freight can reduce the total logistics cost for urgent or time-critical logistical challenges. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, you will be able to reduce inventory and improve your service offerings by fast response time at an affordable price. 

Choosing our Air Freight services means that you will benefit from:
  • The most time efficient freight solution for many destinations around the world.
  • Transporting to places where infrastructural limitations make it impossible by other means of transportation.
  • Damco’s core carrier program ensures uplift at the best possible conditions around the world.
  • Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock.
  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times.
  • Creating business opportunities.

When you should choose Air Freight

There are many reasons for you to choose Air Freight:

  • The big product launch: Air Freight can offer qualities as control, guaranteed space, visibility and security, all of which is important to give your product the best start on the market.  
  • The production line goes down: If you are in dire need of a crucial part to keep a production line moving, Air Freight will ensure, that you will not miss out on revenue due to a delayed production.  
  • Other freight solutions failAir Freight can be a mitigation on lost transit time, making sure your cargo is delivered on time after all. 
  • High value cargo: By choosing our Air Freight service, we offer you less risk for damage, better end to end visibility and control plus faster speed to market, when shipping technology, top end luxury goods or other high value cargo.  
  • Charter services: When your most urgent or large shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, our fastest possible solution of Air Charter is ready to assist you.   

General Air Freight

Most of our volume is routed through strategic partners with whom we have deep and longstanding relationships. This enables us to secure capacity, control costs and attain high service levels for your product.

Our pricing models are simple and provide the options based on your time constraints and your budget. 

Air Charter Service

Damco Air Charters Team is capable of arranging one-off or repetitive charters in order to fulfill uplift requirements that cannot be dealt with in the regular Air Freight market.

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Sea - Air

Via our hub in Dubai we connect Asia to Europe, Africa and America with a global network serviced by our core carriers. The Dubai ports are designed to move your cargo from vessel to aircraft as fast as possible 24/7, all year round.

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Rail - Air

This service offers our customers the ‘best of both worlds’ qualities, i.e. freight costs are lower than traditional Air Freight, and at the same time transit times by train are significantly shorter than traditional ocean freight.


Truck - Air

We offer access to an extensive line haul network connecting our gateways and hubs. Truck-Air is typically used for cross-border traffic. The fixed departure days and transit times provide full clarity from start to finish.

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Supporting Services

We offer supporting and value adding services such as Customs House Brokerage, Project Logistics, and Inland Services.

Meet Ferwin, Global Head of Air Freight at Damco

Hello I am Ferwin Wieringa, I have over 25 years experience in the freight forwarding industry and have been a part of the Damco family since 2015.

In my current position of Global Head of Air Freight it is my responsibility to ensure that our air products are fit for purpose and provide our customers with the best service that enables their business to grow.

I am really, really passionate about forwarding and air freight in particular. It is true that air freight is not the cheapest way of moving your product from A to B, but the proven benefits that our air freight service has to offer go way beyond the costs. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, I promise that you will be able to reduce inventory and improve your service offerings by fast response time at an affordable price. 

I am happy to talk to you about your air freight needs at anytime. Please feel free to contact me on the below email.

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