Is the average amount of Twenty-foot Equivalent Units that we move across the oceans each year.




Is the number of ports that we offer sail connections to.




Is the number of global locations where we offer our ocean services.

Did you know?

90% of the world’s commodities are carried by the international shipping industry. This means that the coffee or tea that you drank this morning, the clothes that you are wearing and the car that you are driving have most likely journeyed through the oceans to get to you.

Why choose us for Ocean Freight?

At Damco we love ocean freight and have over 100 years experience with shipping our customers products to their final destinations safely.

By choosing us as your ocean freight partner we can ensure you:

  • Have connections to over 17.000 port pairs
  • We will utilises contract-based capacity and multi-carrier space protection governed by our allocation management system
  • We can manage to move 80% on our core carriers due to our comprehensive capacity management
  • We have more than 2000 employees who are dedicated to Ocean Freight services.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Our full container load service involves shipping a full container as a single unit, and is most commonly used for larger shipments.

You would use our FCL service when:

  • COST is your main concern and
  • TIME is not a primary factor  

How you can benefit from our ocean FCL service

  • We have the pricing models to fit your particular needs
  • We stay close to your product and update you on its journey  
  • We have the procurement scale and carrier relationship to negotiate the best rate for your freight 
  • We provide fixed weekly sailing schedules and reliable transit times globally.  

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Our Less than Container Load service involves consolidating multiple products from various customers in one single container.

You would use our LCL service when:

  • You want to deliver SMALLER volumes FAST
  • You need to keep your costs as LOW as possible

How you can benefit from our ocean LCL service

  • We have more than 10,000 corridors worldwide.
  • We have the pricing models to fit your particular needs.
  • We stay close to your product and update you on its journey.
  • We have the procurement scale and carrier relationship to negotiate the best rate for your freight 

Meet Ferry, Global Head of Ocean Freight at Damco

Hello I am Ferry Van Meggelen, I have over 30 years experience in the freight forwarding industry and have been a part of the Damco family since 2014.

In my current position of Global Head of Ocean Freight it is my responsibility to ensure that our ocean products are absolutely fit for purpose and that they provide our customers with exactly what they need and enable their business to grow.

Our ocean freight products are built on 2 things. 1) our customers feedback 2) our expertise. No matter what your budget is we will be able to provide you with a ocean service that gets your product to where it needs to be.

I am happy to talk to you about your ocean freight needs at anytime. Please feel free to contact me on the below email.

Our Supporting Services

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Rail Freight Services

Wherever your cargo is heading, you can rely on our tailored Rail Solutions and our connections with major rail operators to make sure your product arrive on time, in time, every time.


Project Logistics

We can take control over the entire logistic activities related to complex and often time sensitive projects. Our customers can rely on a dedicated team of experts that get the job done.

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Customs House Brokerage

When crossing borders customs and other official authorities need to be dealt with. We offer a world of knowledge and local experience which will help to get your shipments moving forward as fast as possible while keeping costs to a minimum.


Inland Transport

We offer inland transportation as a door to port or port to door extension.

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Freight Forwarding Solutions

If there is a way we use it, if not we find out another way. Whatever the challenge, we get the goods moving!


Cargo Sorting and Storage

We provide a variety of warehouse and storage services as an added value to our forwarding services.

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Document Management

The paperwork involved in customs and ever changing regulations can take up time. We can arrange for this so our customers can spend their valuable time on other things.

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Special Handling

Whatever specific desire customers may have apart from forwarding, whether if it is quality control of your goods, repacking or vendor management, we can take care of it.

Find your nearest Damco office

We offer a global network with worldwide offices and distribution facilities, staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

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